Precision Point



Precision Point's core products are gauges for measuring wheel alignment and camber.

Our gauges continue to perform year after year in the most hostile working environments and because we hold stock of spare parts, we are able to keep you and your gauge working in harmony even after most mishaps.

Wheel alignment gauges

PPL 40
With its rugged construction and non-nonsense accuracy, our original PPL40 wheel alignment gauge has been a best seller for more than 30 years. This model has been replaced with the Trak-Rite PPL40+.

Trak-Rite PPL40+
Based on the PPL40, the Trak-Rite PPL40+ has a new, improved laser housing and swinging arm assembly to improve ergonomics. Same accuracy and reliability of the PPL40.

Trak-Rite X-Y
Revolutionary X-Y gauge design. Gauges suspend from wheels providing operators with comfortable, faster and more efficient work flow.

Trak-Rite 2 Pro
Professional instrument for everyday use on cars, vans and commercial vehicles.

Trak-Rite 2
Aimed at sports enthusiasts and teams not requiring the PPL40+, the Trak-Rite 2 offers a simpler design but with the same accuracy at less cost.

Trak-Kart X-Y
Designed specifically for racing karts and miniature race cars, this is a scaled down version of the Trak-Rite X-Y and offers major benefits to users who require fast and accurate setup especially at trackside.

Wheel camber gauges

Camber-Rite Laser
Hand held wireless digital camber gauge. Extremely accurate and robustly built.

Camber-Rite Analogue
Hand held manual analogue camber gauge. Extremely accurate and robustly built.


Storage cabinet for PPL40
Storage cabinet for Trak-Rite PPL40+
Storage cabinet for Trak-Rite PPL2
Storage cabinet for Trak-Rite Trak-Kart
Mobile cabinet for Trak-Rite X-Y
Wall rack for Trak-Rite X-Y
Wheel Turntable
Brake Applicator
Larger mirror for Trak-Rite PPL40+

Spare Parts

Mosts parts are in stock. Parts numbers are labelled on the Precision Point instructions supplied with every item. If you cannot identify the part you require, please call your reseller with a description and he will be able to help.