Precision Point

Trak-Rite 2 Pro laser wheel alignment gauge

Product Information: 
Why you need the Trak-Rite 2 Pro laser wheel alignment gauge:
  • car and truck wheel sizes 10″- 23″
  • truck tyres up to 10″ profile and 43″ diameter  
  • accurate and robust for professional use
  • professional line laser: faster and easier
  • compact footprint: can be used on most ramps
  • measures toe-in and toe-out by contact
    with wheel rims and laser beam alignment
  • Robust construction, powder coated steel
  • full operating instructions included
  • powered by 2 AA batteries included
  • spare parts available
  • lifetime technical support

Trak-Rite 2 Pro professional laser wheel alignment gauge

Designed for calibrating wheels on cars, vans and commercial vehicles, Trak-Rite 2 Pro has a compact footprint designed to allow operation on most vehicle lifts with ramps.

The positioning of the laser target and large mirror allows for use on virtually all vehicle types and is particularly advantageous when adjusting steering on vehicles with low clearance bodies.

Specially designed folding WM100 wall brackets are available to safely hold the assembled gauge, ready for use.